Is TaxBuddy for me?

You’ve visited our website because you either want a tax refund or you need to submit a tax return.
You’ve come to the right place and help is on the way.

Here is how it works…

No Time? No Worries! We ‘ll do most of the work…

Step one

We make it easy. Launch and complete the calculator with no obligation. If you’re happy, fill in the contact form and send us your paperwork  (via email, dropbox, post, scans etc.)


Step two

We take over and work our magic, touch base to clarify and fill in any gaps. We then get your approval to submit your tax return.


Step three

We send you the verification from Revenue that your tax return has been submitted. Then you sit tight for your tax refund or receive confirmation of your tax liability.

“I have secured tax refunds in the €1,000’s because of the excellent work TaxBuddy has undertaken for me. They reviewed 4 years and ensured I was tax compliant, now it is a matter of course each year that I present my paperwork to them and they do their magic.”

Brian Connell
Director, All Storage Providers

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